ashima employee portal

Empower your employees with Ashima's self-service Employee Portal so they can easily update their personal details, track their attendance, view payslips on demand, manage their sick and vacation leave applications, apply for loans or cash advance, volunteer for open shifts, submit claims and overtime applications from their desktop or on their smartphones.

The Employee Portal has everything they'll need and more - right at their fingertips. Contact us today to start using Ashima. We'd be happy to set up a demo or free account to get you started.

View Profile, Payslip, Shift and Timesheet

Employees can view their time-in, lunch-out, lunch-in and time-out for the day or their entire timesheet history; as well as view their shift schedule, payslip details and payslip history all in one place.

Leave balance, Payment history

Employees have the option to have their logs changed or add missing logs into the system. Once the employee inputs their log change or addition request, the system automatically sends notifications via email or SMS to their team leads or department heads and to HR for approval. Once approved, the new log is automatically reflected in the system.

Request Leaves, Overtime, Cash Advance and Loans

For leaves and overtimes, the employee can apply for a sick or vacation leave and overtime request by inputting the start date, end date and reason for the leave or overtime. The system then sends a notification email or SMS to the person tasked with approving the leave or overtime.

For Cash Advance and Loans, the employee can view a list of current loans (PagIbig and SSS loans) and cash advance with his or her payment history

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